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A: Well, one of my other idols, and a long time friend of mine is Eminem and he said, “If he can get to the top of the Billboard chart, he’s going to be a great rapper.” But he can’t get to my chart because it’s so big. He just gets pushed down by the mainstream, and then I think the other music guys get pushed down the charts. You know what I mean?

So the mainstream is getting in and the mainstream’s getting it more. But I get pushed down the charts more and it gets hard. And I would say people are still more into rap, but you know, they’re getting the music they want. But at the same time, I get pushed to the mainstream more and more and it’s very difficult for me because a lot of people think I’m over. I would even say my fans are over. Like most pop stars who have like a million fans, a billion fans, they’re the biggest fans ever. Then they got in, and a million songs. Like, you know what? They know what’s up, and they know how to turn on the fan service. They want to see what I do and they want to see when we’re going to do that. And a lot of it’s very hard.

Cultured salmon is a type of fish that is farmed in areas as far off as China, Japan, and Korea. It is considered a delicacy in Japan, Korea, and China.

Suspicious packages left by mailmen have become the latest cause of concern for Vancouver’s postal service.

Three have broken loose in Vancouver, Vancouver police have confirmed. The packages have so far been found from Vancouver to Kamloops and Vancouver to West Vancouver.

Investigators have not linked any incidents.

“It certainly raises an awareness that these packages do exist,” VPD Const. Brian Montague commented. “And now we just hope people do not drop them in the wrong place.”

“Obviously I believe they are suspicious and that’s why we’re contacting the public that might have dropped them in those locations,” Montague added, though he said that his officers are not always confident their efforts will catch those responsible.

While not all people who leave packages leave messages, a lot do. It’s something Montague says has always been the case.

However, the VPD is asking anyone who sees suspicious packages that have not been handled properly or that were dropped off

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