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I don’t know because it seems to be more about the way people are making art than anything else (I was too busy paying attention to the video of them talking about how hip hop lyrics were for guys) but there is definitely something about that.

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How to Make a Rap Music Video (Beginner's Guide)

The number of homeless people in Bristol has risen to the highest level for over 20 years, according to the city’s Homeless Persons’ Group.

The figures showed 6,971 people were currently sleeping rough in Bristol compared to 5,946 in 2013, making the number of homeless people in the city higher than it has been for almost 20 years.

A spokesman for the Local Government Association said it would be a “real disappointment” if the figures were compared to the same point in 2011.

The figures, obtained by the BBC, will anger people affected by the housing crisis.

Over one-third of the homeless have a mental health condition and an additional 8,619 are disabled. In April, there were 6,964 people living in Bristol’s main city centre, which was the highest in 17 years.

The number of people sleeping rough in Bristol has risen to 7,700 from the previous figures of 5,946.

“If the average number of rough sleepers in Bristol continues to increase, the homeless crisis will continue to grow,” Mark Griffiths of Homeless Persons’ Group said.

The group has also called on the government for more help for the homeless.

Meanwhile, Bristol City Council has confirmed it’s been contacted by at least 50 councils asking about providing additional housing for homeless people in Bristol.

A spokesperson said: “The local housing market and local authority housing needs remain extremely tight, particularly for older people, including disabled people.

“There is a need for new homes and to create housing that is fit for purpose for these people. There is a range of options available, but for now the council continues to work with our partners and the Department for Communities and Local Government to seek advice. The local housing market and local authority housing needs remain extremely tight”

Crazy stuff happened on Monday. My husband and I were working on getting ready to pack up my truck, and I went on a drive to see old friends. We parked and I met this woman at the store. We got talking, and then the conversation turned to me! I don’t know what it was. I was about to be a mother, but when this woman asked, “Do

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