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Or is it just a tool of the consumer? And if so, what are the implications for the political economy of the modern age?”

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In other words: rap is still as important as ever, as “in” as it ever was. When Drake called out Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Kanye West in a series of tweets on Tuesday, there was no question that he was responding to those three artists, not just Kendrick.

If you are an artist who is concerned about the future of hip-hop as a cultural institution, you better understand how your work can be taken apart and then assembled before you get to the core issues that this country is currently grappling with.

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This has been a good year for fantasy.

What has caught my attention more than anything else this year has been the growth of the “fantasy hockey” community, especially during the course of the off season. This has been driven mostly by the success of leagues like Puck Daddy, Who Dat League, etc. Most of my best friends are in such leagues as well. This has created an opportunity to read a lot of material. Here are some of the top items for the 2013-2014 winter season.

It’s time for another look at the “Fantasy Player” Report!

2013-2014 Player Report

This article will discuss the top players in fantasy. I will analyze where they are currently standing in my rankings, their current fantasy relevance, and what the outlook is for their fantasy potential in 2014. This is my own opinion, but I have included the names and some context so feel free to add your own notes down below:

Paufort, SC: The 2013 P-Bruin Award winner continues to lead the way for a Pens team that now finds themselves in third place all-time in points, first place in the Atlantic Division, and in the hunt for the Presidents’ Trophy.

Derek Stepan: A few goals, a few assists, and a lot of faceoffs won by Stepan are all signs indicating he has developed into an effective top-six forward and is a good bet to be included in most all fantasy teams barring injury to

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