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This article explores two of many aspects of rap’s history that are often overlooked: the music’s genesis, and its cultural significance. These two issues are interwoven because rap’s history is tied to the same historical themes. It contains elements of both western culture and indigenous culture. Although it is difficult to generalize about the music, a good deal of its content is rooted in western and Western European music. This article has a few specific conclusions:

Rap is a form of contemporary music, similar to other contemporary forms of musical expression. It is very often characterized as a Western style.

Rapsmiths are popular within many rap genres.

Rapper culture is largely an American one that has existed for many decades.

Rappers and producers today face many of the same issues as artists in the past. Despite some efforts to reform rap, it continues to use the same language, music, and imagery as much as it has for hundreds of years.

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Some of the most important historical figures for our examination are:

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