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If you’re in your 20s you’ve got me. It’s only a matter of time before the most recent 20-year-old comes through.

By now, we are all very familiar with the various forms of government we can have and the various forms of government that can be established in a country. Some of which are government of the people, or government of the rulers. What we don’t really know is which form of government best represents the will of the people. So today in this article I’ll look at the governments that people can have and the ways that they can influence it.

What people can have – and how they can make a difference

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As you can see the various types of governments have similar elements. They can be monarchical, republican or democratic. Each of these governments represent how people should make their government. For this reason I will focus on monarchy first as it is the one most commonly discussed about. I’m going to define the word “monarchy” as the principle or form of government whereby a monarch rule. This definition is similar to our definition for democracy and gives us an idea of how we should view and understand what we can and can’t have in a society. However, I’d like to note that monarchy should not be confused with the system where people can choose who is to have access to a certain resource/good, such as power or education. This is a system that is often employed to control more people into submission as a means to an end. In this system all people have a vested interest in keeping the current leader as the ruler at all times and in doing so making sure he doesn’t threaten the rule of any members of the ruling elite. Monarchy is best seen as a system where a powerful group of people run the government and they are able to ensure their own rule of the society. This is a power we can build from within.

Another factor that can influence how people view and feel about government is what they think other people are doing. For example we often see the people in power making the decisions that are causing them to feel the way they do and by doing so are able to continue doing so and become more effective at running society. This is called the illusion of power but it also works in reverse. By making others feel powerful they make themselves harder be to overthrow any government that they feel their power is in danger of being threatened by. So, how do people in power influence other people? The easiest way is by doing things that they personally

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