How old is the oldest rapper? – How To Rap For Beginners

“One year and six months and six days old. He’s still pretty young. I was a little surprised, but I was really glad that I got the honor. I’m proud of him, for what he’s done in his life.”

Who was your inspiration? How would you compare Dizzy Gillespie to him?

Another great example of DOOMs internal and multi syllable rhyme ...
“I don’t know. I never went to his college or anything like that. I guess I had it all to do with myself. And it’s very humbling for them to be able to do it. We always want to do something that we don’t think is possible. And to be able to get it into the public eye the way we got it into the public light with our performance … it makes me cry to see them get it into the public light. They’ve been so blessed, obviously … The whole community and the music, that we grew up on — especially at our age — has been such a blessing to have that kind of notoriety and recognition that we’ve gotten. It’ll be cool … ”

Are there any other artists you would like to see take on Snoop?

“Absolutely. I would love to see Snoop in his prime. I love Snoop’s voice. He can rap all he wants, and that’s cool. I don’t know what happens. He’s probably the next Lil Wayne. You’ve got to be in the game now if you’re the next Snoop. He’ll probably end up in a group with a little Lil Wayne, or they’re just going to meet in a way where I think they will end up being more alike than separate.”

What did you think of Snoop’s appearance on “RapFix Live”? Should the song have been released sooner or later?

“I think you should have it sooner. I think it’s a great effort because it shows the amount of work that goes into it. The people that are going to take the time to go and work up to this, really understand it. He has the energy and the passion to be one of the top people in this genre.”

You and Snoop are currently working on a number of music projects. You’re producing the new album for his project with Jay Rock and will also work on your own. Do you think that will be enough of a platform to keep producing for you while you pursue other projects?

“I think it’s a great opportunity that I’m ready to take. I can go back and do

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