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The question goes a long way to revealing what’s important about hip-hop. For example, if Coolio is 42, that indicates that he’s had a lot of experience as a rapper, and that he had the opportunity to mature his craft before becoming famous as a rapper. It also allows us to explore the influence that his father may have had on his art and personality.

It’s also not uncommon for artists to age out of their role as celebrities, so Coolio isn’t an anomaly. Here are some examples from some of the biggest music stars of all time.

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I feel like this is the beginning of the end of the first round of coverage for the 2017 US Open. There are only seven of 14 players on all eight covers currently. It’s been an insane time for the men’s players in terms of the amount of coverage they are getting.

To be fair, you could argue that they’re getting more coverage because the other matches have ended. The Women’s Open was already pretty damn long to break down, as were the US Open. The fact that so many matches had been cut was a little frustrating to even think about.

But that was just a short amount of time. When the round will finally end was not certain with the last of them airing a couple days later because of the late start time. So we know where the tournament is at right now, but that doesn’t mean it would be possible for all players to qualify within a week’s time.

Now, the women’s Open is not quite where it should be in those terms, but that’s still an amazing amount of coverage. We’ll see where that goes from here.

I’ve been able to find eight of these covers (including those where no men’s players appear) to give you a look around at how the players are playing. The two most recent are on the left and right.

The most important takeaway from those covers is that the women’s player pool is full, but not quite wide open

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