How many seconds is 16 bars?

It’s like 6.00 seconds to make an 8 bar jazzercise.

I need the most precise steps.

How many bars are 9 bar solos?

There’s a different term for that; they are 8 bars, but 9 is more common.

One example – 5 bar, 12 bar blues, etc.

These would be 8 bars as well, but one more bar for the bass.

Each piece of the progression must fit within the time limit of the song, which is the same for each step.

So if you play that song, and it takes you 24 seconds to do that bar in 9, that step (9 bar) would be 8-8-8, because there’s no extra time for the bass to finish playing that same exact bar.

If you do the song properly, you’ll find the exact same bar after 24 seconds!

It’s simple.

Hard Rap (1989, Cassette) | Discogs
You can do step 9 in 8 – 8-8-8 with a solid bass.

It is so easy and natural, but the bass can be really, really, really, sore afterwards!

It hurts like crazy when you play this step too soon or too soon too short. But, you’ll thank me later.

How many bars are 7 bar solos?

There’s a different term for that too; they are 12 bar solos.

There are also 9 steps in a song, but the 9th bar is always the same for each step, so they’re really, really, 12 bar solos.

So they are 7 bars, though, in 4 minutes. And the 11th bar – just like the 4th – you will play all of the time, too!

Do you think each step should take you 30 seconds?

A bar or 4 steps?

It depends on the song you are playing.

If you play slow blues, you may want to play it in 4 minutes, or you can have more bars, which will still be easier.

If you have an overdriven groove, like many funk, soul, disco, etc songs, like you hear them in the videos I make, you may want to play it in 8 minutes – a whole song in 8 minutes – but it depends on the song, the tempo, and the number of bars.

Do you think each step should take you 25 seconds?

A bar or 4 steps