How many bars are in a rap song? – How Do You Start A Rap

This is the most common question we receive. The answer is, of course, that there are many more than what we often hear, but this is all a matter of personal definition. If you’re searching for a specific song’s bar count to know which one goes with which, this section can be a good spot to start.

The first step in making a list is to choose a specific genre and/or song that you can find a bar count for. For our purpose here, the easiest place to start is to search for rap songs that go on to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. A little bit of a disclaimer: While this will lead to a better idea on exactly what an entire song is about as well as a list of how many bars it is, we do not promise that this list will be the only way you find the correct info. We’d be happy to discuss your exact needs and desires, and perhaps help you find information that’s not listed here.

There are a lot of songs that are great in their own right, but the actual bar count is less than 30 percent of the total. For example, many songs go on to hit No. 1 on the Hot 100 for the same reason that other songs do, but the actual bar count for that song is lower than 30 percent.

We recommend you take a moment just to understand what this does not mean. A song like “Fancy” will, however, likely sit at least in the mid-50s, and that is probably enough of a bar for the entire song. There’s probably a lot of other songs that don’t reach the high mark, though – many pop songs don’t hit No. 1, but many rock songs do. So while it wouldn’t hurt to check, it’s not the end all.

We also recommend that you start at a low bar count. It’s very likely that the song will go on to hit No. 1 at a higher rate if it falls somewhere along the line between No. 1 and the bar, but it may not reach the lower bar completely.

The list

As you look through any list, it helps to separate the good from the bad. For this, I’m going to include bars from some songs that are very popular, but that could hit the low 20s. That will help you know if a pop song is the song from a rap song or not, but it won’t change the actual data.


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