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Why doesn’t Eminem rap at all these days? Is he lazy? Why does Eminem think he’s smarter than every other rapper? What’s he talking about all this time? If you could take a quiz at the drop of a hat how smart would you be? I know some people claim I can’t answer the questions but this is just a fun exercise for me to do.

Here are 15 questions on Eminem, his music, and why he is so hated.

1) If you could give every single Eminem fan the same amount of money what would it be?

2) Why are you so mean? Do you hate babies? Why does Eminem even have a kid?

4) If someone from a different race or background could not tell you they were good to you, could they?
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5) What happened to Eminem’s first band called The Slim Shady LP? Does it still exist or has it been discontinued?

6) How was Eminem treated that day? Was Eminem angry that you gave them money? What did he do that day?

7) What’s Eminem’s current “secret sauce?”

8) Can you see “Amen” in Eminem’s eyes?

9) Who was the last person to actually make Eminem feel bad about himself?

10) Did Eminem tell Lil Wayne what song he sang?

11) What did Eminem’s manager say when he asked to see Eminem?

12) Who taught Eminem the word to rap?

13) How did you feel when Eminem said if he got arrested he’d rather get arrested for raping people than go to jail for murdering people?

14) What makes Eminem so cool? Why doesn’t anybody like him?

15) How did you get Eminem’s number so fast?

If you know some answers or you want to know some other Eminem questions then drop me a line at


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