How fast can Eminem rap? – How To Know If You Can Rap

We’ve seen the video, and it’s clear to see that Eminem doesn’t just rap. The man can rap really well — it’s on full display in his performance of “Stan” (it took him less than 4 minutes) and “Stan.” And his rap is also on full display in “I’m on a Boat” (4 minutes or so) and “Killer Mike,” which he’s also done on The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (13 minutes) and The Slim Shady LP (23 minutes).

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With 2 of those albums, there were 2,000 songs that Eminem had to rap over (with the final one containing the longest, “Slim Shady”). In contrast, here we have just under 200. The majority of these songs are, as many on one album as there were on Eminem’s other 2, including “Stan,” “Killer Mike,” “Stan,” and “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party).”

Eminem has spoken many, many times about how the songwriting (and the production on those songs) matters and why he’s so focused on it these days. But I don’t think you’ll find anyone at this point who disagrees with his assertion that “Rap is not dead.”

How can he rap so well? It can be said that his rap is a more evolved one than any other rapper’s rapping. That’s not to say that he isn’t still taking his rapping seriously (he still can) or that he’s stopped doing the more serious stuff — he still has an album coming out in 2014 with Run The Jewels and the title track from Recovery (in addition to the other stuff on the album). But the fact of the matter is that his style has evolved, and his rapping has become more complex and detailed. It’s difficult for me to think of an artist who has more rap than Eminem. He has over 900 verses on this mixtape alone (which is a record for Eminem!) He makes songs sound more complex and detailed. He actually raps over the beats that will likely be used in the upcoming Eminem album (which, in turn, will likely include even more rap, along with more musical references, as is common in hip-hop). That’s pretty impressive.

It’s also likely that Eminem will continue to have more and more rapped songs come out in 2014 (he has a new album that will be out in 2014) and that he will make many more of these amazing m

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