How do you start a rhyme?

My song says, I won’t go back, but I will be back.

And if you’re looking for the answer, I have no answers.

My last song is now on ‘I Do’ at the end of April.

There’s an end to everything, my song says, and there is no return.
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I’ll take a step back for a little while, until this is all over.

And when I do, I’ll come back better than before.

‘I Do’ will be the opening track for the album, with ‘A Love For You’ being the opening track for the EP. And the release dates of both album and EP are being announced, while the new album has been in the works for a long time.

What will happen to you?

A good friend and mentor of mine will be hosting our first event at his bar, the Paddy’s Pub, in May, followed by an event on the same evening at a bar in Nottingham. Our next event will be at the Lonesome Road.

Do you have a lot of family or close friends you are looking forward to writing with in the future?

Absolutely! I have a new family member in town as well, whom I’ve known since 2010.

Is that who you’re going to share all your stories with for a long time?

I’ve got so many stories and so many ideas; I’ll probably never write anything down, I’ve just always wanted to. I’ll keep writing until I die.

Is there anything you’d like to add about the new album?

It’s going to be the most awesome thing of my life! There will be some songs from the old record that I haven’t released yet, but I won’t release them. I hope to have everything released as soon as possible!

Finally, is there anything more you’d like to add about the title?

It’s a poem written by my good friend Liam Clarke, about a love for the dark, the darkest, the most dangerous part of the world.

I’m honoured, and I can’t wait to bring you all ‘I Do’ very soon!


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