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The short answer is the same as how you spit up: you grind with a small wheel at low pressure.

There’s a misconception, of course, that all coffee manufacturers do. It’s a big myth that all coffee companies grind their own beans or that they grind their coffee using hand ground grinding machines. As it turns out, the two most common types of espresso machines are the “Pancake” machine and the “Mini” barista machine. Each type grinds the bean differently. If you don’t have access to “Pancake” or “Mini” style machines, you’ll need to purchase or rent one.

To grind beans you need a machine that’s capable of holding a low pressure (above 15psi). These machines are very common in Japan, but they are becoming more common in China, India, and Korea. It’s a tradeoff: you get a smaller coffee grinder, better beans, and the convenience of buying some coffee beans to grind on the machine.
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Here’s the step by step instructions on using a coffee grinder

How To Grind Your Coffee Grinder:

Fill your coffeemaker with the appropriate amount of water. It doesn’t need to be the correct amount–you can use more water if your grinder is smaller. Fill the grinder with water and place a flat-bottomed coffee filter in the center, making sure the filter does not touch. Remove the filter and allow the water to come to full temperature within about a minute (15°C or ~59°F). (You may not be able to wait that long). Fill the grinder completely and set the timer for 15 seconds. The machine will spit and spit! (About 10-15 seconds). Put the filter back in and let the water return to temperature to begin grinding. While it’s hot, be careful with your hands. It’s critical you not pull the grounds or pour on a lot of water: it’s bad for the beans. If you do, things will go wrong. (20-25 seconds). Start the timer and repeat the whole process one more time. After you grind 15 seconds, press the start button to start the grinding procedure. Keep in mind, the water temperature will vary–even inside a coffee grinder. As your coffee starts to get finer and finer, you’ll notice it’ll start picking up some of the oils from the beans. You may also experience a slight bit of bitterness and the grind will get a bit grittier

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