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Spitting takes about four seconds to do, so, just follow that simple rule. When you get into a good flow, you’ll have plenty of time to spit them in a nice stream. If that’s not possible (for example, you have to empty your throat for too long!) then your bar progress will be a bit slower.

For more info on the different things that affect barflow speed:

Some Tips for Improving Barflow Speed

Start Your Metronome

I highly recommend that you try to start your metronome from the very beginning of each bar, and keep it at that level for a solid 90 seconds to 1 hour. This will make it easier to start the spits.

Don’t Keep the Tension Up At The Start
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I know, I know… it sounds like a pain, but I can only tell you one thing: do not hold the bar high at the start of every bar. A bar that feels tense at the start is simply trying to keep you off balance. You don’t want to sprawl out and allow the bar to slip all the way up at the start, so keep it tight!

Also, don’t keep the tension up at the end. The weight is at a point when it’s about to drop off. If you drop from there, you can’t get up again. Also, don’t keep a bar at full tension for too long – a bar that feels tense at the end of the second set will feel loose (and possibly unbalanced!) after that fourth set.

Spit When You’re Ready To

If you spitter at or right after your next set, you’ll have less energy at the end to use more clean bar speed and spittings. You’re also likely to run out faster, which means more tension! Keep your barspeed down a bit between sets; in fact, stick to a very slow time – like, 0.5 seconds to a second – so that you can use all of the clean bar speed for each.

Don’t Keep You From Doing other Stuff

I know what you’re thinking. So, how can you be super clean on your way to your goal after a spitter?

You don’t!

The reason is that you’ll have all the momentum in your hips and legs. Once you’re on the floor with your bar, you’ll still feel powerful and explosive, which means that the power from the hips is

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