How do you rhyme rap? – Everything You Need To Know About Rapping

Raps do the rhyme. I just say what I want to say – if I don’t say it, somebody else will

(Sneak up behind Yoko for a second.) You’ve just got to go ahead and do it.

And I don’t take any shit from rappers, because rap is the best.

What do you do?

That’s interesting – I’m in a little bit of trouble because I just talked too long.

You gotta be thinking. That would be dope.

You’re always thinking. I’m thinking about a lot of shit.

Is it weird working with rap artists?

No it’s not weird. And I’m sure it’s weird for the person who makes me do it.

The whole point of making my album was to be just my opinions. I wasn’t thinking about what these artists thought or did or said. I just thought it was kind of an ego thing.

Why do you think people hate rap?

Probably because they’ve never heard of it.

When you listen to it, do you hear a songwriter or do you hear, “I know what I want for a song but, this is not good enough”?

That’s a tough question – some of my songs that were on albums that were bad, weren’t good enough for me to be able to play live because they weren’t good enough for the set.

(Laughs.) Are there any rap songs that you like?

I have so many songs I want to sing.

Any new ones? Are those new?


Oh sure, I’ve got one that doesn’t sound good…


I’d like to know more about the people in this movie.

A lot of my friends went to prison, I saw a lot of them on the road. Some of them have been incarcerated.

Some people I’m close with have been incarcerated, but I don’t know that I can talk about them as a family member, because sometimes my relationships are very tight and…

(Pause.) It’s a lot of people out there

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