How do you rap on an iPhone?

With a Mac? What a joke. So the Mac’s all I have to rap on, and the iPhone’s what I use to get an album finished.”

To understand how this happens, we need to look at the iPhone. It’s the second most popular smartphone in the world, according to a study by research firm Gartner. In order to become the most used smartphone in the world, iPhone has to keep selling for a year. And Apple has to keep pushing that iPhone, without making any major changes. Apple also has to keep working to make sure the iPhone users are as happy with it as they’ve become with their other product.

The iPhone’s ability to appeal to different people is a huge part of the app industry’s success. In many ways iPhone’s advantage over Android is why it’s Apple’s fastest-growing smartphone. The iPhone’s market share has grown at an average rate of 6 percent annually for two years straight, with the iPhone continuing to enjoy a remarkable sales cycle. If you look at some of Apple’s key metrics, like app store sales, and the iPhone’s market share, you start to see why the iPhone is so popular.

Apple’s market share of 30 percent Rap Journal: Rapper Notebook for Writing Lyrics ...
Apple’s market share of 30 percent is phenomenal. To put it in perspective, in 2000 it was 12 percent. (The iPhone’s market share has increased every year for two decades, making iPhone’s market share every bit as substantial as Samsung or Nokia’s). This 30 percent market share in just one year is astonishing – it’s nearly four times Apple’s current market value: $160 billion.

Even when you look at the total revenue and profit figures, compared to the other major tech companies, they are still very small by comparison. In 2014, Apple made $39 billion in revenue and $18.3 billion in profit, while Google made $36 billion in revenue and $3 billion in profit. Apple’s market value is about $500 billion. So how does Samsung make $20 billion in profit? How does Nokia make $4 billion in profit? How does LG make $1 billion in profit? And finally, how does Google make $1.2 billion in profit, while Apple makes $160 billion in revenue and $1 billion in profit?

The answer to these questions is that Apple and Google are able to make the best possible products in their respective markets. This means that while Facebook and Twitter make massive profits, they are no match for Apple. In other words, while Google