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Did they really have a chance this year?

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I suppose they did. And we can all feel that they have good reason to. What did the iPhone 5s do well? Siri got the job done and the iPhone 5s did it better than some of the other flagship smartphones we have seen in the last few years. So to call the iPhone 5s a disappointment, I think is unfair. I will leave it there.

If there is a new iPhone, it could have a new face.

In today’s world, it won’t. So Apple can do what it wants, what it needs to do if it wants to do something different. I think what we’re seeing now in design with the iPhone 5s is a way to change things up and make a whole new device. Not to have Apple start from scratch, I’ll be honest. That will be a hard thing for them if I’m wrong, but my gut says it will indeed be a new design. One of the things I liked in an iPhone 4 was the slimmer design and its smaller size. The iPhone 5s will have an even slimmer and even smaller bezel. The screen will look even better, I think.

When you see the new screen, it’s gonna be crazy, man.

I just saw the screen. If anything, the screen is pretty damn nice. Even though it’s smaller.

Is there a screen test?


I think it’ll be awesome.

In the event you don’t get any questions that you want asked, I might ask you. Why not?


What about your experience working with the new iPad Air? Did they change anything?

The whole thing is so different because the iPad Air and the original iPad are my favorite two items. And I’ve had the same device and two different versions. But I’ve never had two devices that can do the same thing. The iPad 2 and the iPad 3 did the same thing. It was just really great with them and the original iPad. In the days when I was at Apple, the days when we’re trying to get people to buy new devices — it was only four years ago — when people were buying two devices, we looked at those. Not one to five, but two or three to five.

I remember buying a new device that looked like the original iPad. And not even a year before that, we announced and showed this great new

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