Does rap have to rhyme? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Youtube To Mp3

No, it’s just to try to be something for the kids to listen to.

So the rappers would all be on at once?


It’d be a race to the finish to see who can be the most entertaining while still doing their thing?

That’s why [we’ve changed the rules]…The audience is getting a bit more into what they’re listening to, and then we try and help out with the choreography.

Yeah, that’s been a problem too.
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Yeah that’s what we’ve been working on.

What kind of things?

Some people are listening to Lil Wayne at the same time as they’re watching The Voice. Another way for me to try and keep people engaged is to help create music that is different every single day…The way we are doing that with all the artists is we’re constantly looking at what the audience is talking about, then we come back and ask our team [laughs] what they think about that and do different things to get the best out of that.

Can you talk a bit about how the choreography team works today? I mean, it really takes some time, for sure, to perfect it all?

It’s a great team though.

There’s a lot of people doing it. It’s pretty cool [laughs].

What’s your process?

It’s hard work.

You had this amazing run last year on that “Wisdom Of The Crowd.” It was the best thing you could have done, and one of our writers said he couldn’t believe it was your last time out. What was it like performing again?

Really fun. I’ve been lucky, because I’ve been able to do that for so many years now. I know that we could have gone in a lot different ways, and that’s why I want to start having a voice. I have a lot to say and I want to talk to the people, get it out there, make people laugh, get everybody singing. What I’ve come to realize is that if you’re trying to become a solo artist and get people excited for your solo music, you’re not in a good position. You know what I mean? You gotta put out some music that can put your name out there, and there’s something that it means to have an image that you can be a part of…

What was it about last year that really resonated with people?

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