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The Siri service is still running after that, and Google Home, that isn’t even a full Android device, has its own built-in chat.

What about the Google Voice Service ?

We’ve got a new voice feature coming soon. Say things like, ‘I’ve only got one left’, ‘Is this okay, Dad?’ and ‘Could you move the TV off me a little?’ and it’s integrated with your Google search and Google Maps. So you can do all that in one voice command.

Can you talk to Google Now on the Pixel 2?

Of course, Google Now is also part of Google Home.

What else is coming?

We’ve got a new Google Home app, and we’re also announcing a new Google Now Launcher, called Google My Launcher, that’s basically a Google search widget that sits on top of your home screen. So you have Google Now with some of the Google apps and some of the Google apps that are built for homes.

All of those things are coming on Daydream. So if you’re doing anything in your life that has the Google apps already in it, you should be able to get that experience, while Google Home continues to get the Daydream experience.

Let’s talk about Google Assistant, and more specifically Google Home. Can you tell me about the new Assistant?

The new Google Assistant is going to come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of my house in May, around that time.

Is it going to come in three different flavors: the Assistant on Google Home, the Voice Assistant on Google Assistant and the Assistant on Google Pixel 2 phones?

When we started talking about it, the primary focus was on the Voice Assistant. But as we’re making it even better, the intent is to do more to get it into more devices than just Google Home.

We’re starting today with Assistant on Google Home, which is the voice search experience in Google Pixel 2 phones.

You’ll have all the search results you always wanted on your Pixel 2 phone, but it’ll also include Assistant on Google Home.

Assistant on Google Home will also be powered by Assistant on Google Assistant, which we have built into the Google Assistant app.

You’ll also have a Google Assistant on Google Pixel 2 phone.

What do you think about the Android Auto? Is it the next step in the evolution of Google Assistant? Would you buy an Android Auto

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