Can you talk to Siri? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapidminer Certification Programs

She’s an app… she doesn’t really know shit about it.”

It was a question he answered directly, but with a straight face.

“Okay, but don’t forget Siri understands a lot about everything! It doesn’t have to talk to you to do that.”

“I… I don’t think she understands everything about anything.”

“It could be a little slower than you think.”

It’s a little slower, but…

“Hey, I got you something! Look!”

That damn thing was bouncing on the dashboard.

He turned it toward him.

It was the one with the red circle in the corner. He tapped it.

It turned away.


It had one of those things from a time when no one gave a shit about it.

He turned to look at this thing.

The thing looked exactly like the one he’d seen before.

When he turned away, it was gone, and the car was now driving again.

“Yeah,” he said, “I got them.”

A little girl on the dash was going nuts.

“Come on,” he said. “The driver’s going to come and talk to you. What are you doing driving? What’s your name, honey?”

She put the phone into her mouth and smiled. “My name is Siri.”

“Hey Siri, where are we?”

“This is my car. I am the driver. If you want to talk to me…”

She smiled again. “What’s up?”

He tapped the girl.

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A blue circle appeared on the road.

“…I have to get back. I’m sorry about that.”

“Yeah? Okay,” he said. “Okay.”


Siri stopped the car and took his hand. “Hey.”

She looked up at him, her blue eyes boring into his face. “What’s up? What’s wrong?”

He knew she couldn’t know.

This was where Siri really began to change.

“Oh no, Siri! Please, leave me alone!”

“Yeah, no one’s gonna talk to you. I can tell you that. I can even tell you that by looking at your face. But… you’re being really strange!”

He stared into those blue eyes. He did

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