Can you rap Siri?

The short answer is no. The long answer is: yes.

But how can we guarantee you’re not being spied on while on a train or in a car? As it turns out there are some tricks to help protect your privacy.

1. Don’t turn GPS on

We’re still getting used to these, but the days of turn-by-turn directions to your destination are gone from the iPhone. Instead you will need your phone to be active in a way that’s not on. Or if you’re in a car, then it’s not on. Either way, the device has to be using active mode, and it needs to be in Wi-Fi range.

2. Don’t tap your phone at night

No one wants to wake up next to that stranger in an elevator. But there’s still a good chance you might pick up on the movement of a mobile device when your hands are not on the keyboard.

If you don’t want to be a creepy voyeur, disable the app that tracks phone movements so that it stays off in dark areas or in areas without wifi.

3. Don’t pick up your phone even if you’re in a room that you share with your partner or friend

This isn’t true for everyone, but if you’re sharing a room, like with your friend or relative, or if you keep your phone in your purse, wallet or car, keep it outside the room.

To use this, go to Settings > Privacy > Location.

4. Give up your iPhone to someone to use

The good news is that Apple’s iCloud gives you control over who manages your data. You can do this by giving up your iPhone to Apple via the iCloud service, or by using another company’s services.
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In the case of Apple’s iCloud, you may want to sign into your account using your email address and password.

When you sign in, you’ll have a set of Apple ID keys, which can be used by another iCloud manager. To stop them using your iCloud data, follow these steps:

Open the iPhone app on your computer. Tap iCloud. This will bring up the ‘Delete iCloud Account’ option. Touch the X next to the person name you’d like them to delete your account from. The other person’s iCloud account (they’re the ones with your email or password) will be removed from your iCloud. To confirm, tap on the person’s name. If