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It will be impossible and you probably shouldn’t. Phone is for music, not making phone calls. You have no right to try to make other people sound like you, or make them sound like you.

But there is one exception, which is if your partner is using their phone for music, and you prefer not to hear their music. You can set the mute toggle for their phone, which I have found works rather well.

If they are using their phone as an MP3 player (like, say, Pandora), then you can set the mute for that as well, if you want, but make sure that there is no audio coming from the phone and no one is speaking to them. And please don’t take this too far, as it could be considered a copyright violation. I don’t want to lose copyright, especially if I have a non-professional relationship with the partner…I’d rather just talk about their business or hobby and not worry about what they are trying to do or who is making the music, or where they are spending their money. Just be sure you don’t make an exception for them.

What if I have friends that use music apps?


This one is difficult. This just applies to people that own some music apps. If someone asks you to use their music with their phone, then it’s okay. If they ask you to do the same, then it’s not okay.

I know some people are into that, so it’s not really an ethical issue.

But this also applies to people that play music in their cars in front of their friends.

So…not cool. And yes, I know that some apps do allow you to share music through other users. So if your guy calls his girlfriend’s band to play some new songs, then that may be OK. But if his friend gets in his car and starts playing music, this is the ultimate no-no. Again, make sure no audio comes from the phone, and make sure none of the other people are in the car.

I’m not a musician. I’m using a smartphone to make music, but still want to have that privacy and privacy.

You may well be right, and it’s not wrong to do so. That said, do ask for your phone’s settings and permissions carefully for your individual situation, including what music you want to listen to, in what format, and how you want it played.


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