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Haha, that would be the one by A Tribe Called Quest. It’s amazing because it’s just a big beat and when you play along it sounds like the beat is really fast and it’ll just kind of go. That’s just the way it is.

One of the many songs you can play on guitar.

I feel like that’s a question for the reader…

Where are you right now?

I’m in Paris. I was in Paris for the Grammys and it was so beautiful to see the way people walked around there. There were two of them and I was really impressed by them because they didn’t mind showing up with a backpack on their back and everything, really warm! And I did a guest spot with a band called The Black Keys and it was just so gorgeous and beautiful, it was just wonderful. I really love Paris, I’ve always loved Paris!

Have you had time to reflect on your time as a writer/producer?

If I look back ten years down the road I don’t think I will ever really know that. I’m just really lucky enough that the work that I have and the songs I wrote and produced are being in the hands of people who are just really passionate and passionate about the stuff I’m doing. And I am so lucky.

In terms of whether you’ll ever produce music again?

I don’t know. I love doing this stuff so much that it would certainly be hard to not want to do it when life gets too hard.

Why is it hard to not want to?

That’s a good question. I think that a part of it is that the stuff we’re doing is very personal and I don’t do it for the money or because I’m in a position of power. There are so many people who really believe in what we’re doing and they would just not do it for the money, they just don’t. There are people in my office, my family – they’re just not going to do it. So it feels kind of like, ‘Well, at least I’m doing something here,'”

I read that the way you guys see it, “If we let people think that ‘It’s not your fault, you were just trying to make your own shit’, they don’t realize that there’s more to it than that.”

Well I think there’s a big misunderstanding of what it’s like to be a writer and a producer and a

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