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I have 5 songs I like to play for different scenes. It might be interesting to play these songs for the whole play.

If you are writing a novel, how much of that story can you see in a play?

The same amount if not more. Because the story was created differently but the way they are presented should be the same. So yeah, the same amount.

What do you mean by the “same amount”?

I mean the amount of scenes needed to tell the story at any given time as opposed to a scene with 50 scenes.

How much of a scene or story can be told in the time you have (in an evening)?

It’s about 20 minutes. But it can be 20-30 minutes if we have a bunch of people at the theater or something. So it’s about 70 minutes. The director can take that away and there’s another set. So it’s something like a 50-minute play but at the same time I’m not saying 75 minutes is the amount of scenes that can be told in an evening. But I do think it is like 70 minutes because it’s something like half the scene. Then the director can take away scenes and it’s another 30 minutes. So I think it’s 70-80

When you play a scene in a play, what happens for the next part?

All of it. Or it should be all of it. That’s one of the things I like about the work. That’s the reason I like that part is that I’ve done that scene in the play already. I don’t have to worry about that part. I have a script for it and then I can do the rest.

Do you get nervous whenever you are in front of the audience?

I try not to get nervous. I don’t get nervous about doing a play, but I get nervous about acting. When you are acting you feel your performance is not as good as it used to be. The director’s reaction is not that bad. And because I am the same age as I’m supposed to be, it’s something I like. They don’t laugh like they used to when I was younger. They don’t look like they used to look. I’ve never felt awkward but they sometimes have a couple of laughs when I do certain scenes or certain lines, but it’s always different.

What do you expect the reception to your play will be like in the theater?

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