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In this article I would like you to learn the first two chords in just that single song, and then work backwards along the way learning the rest. Let’s get started!

To learn any other chords, you will need to move onto the next article, “How to Play the C Major Chord.”

To learn the root of any chord, you can learn the chords for that chord by learning the chord for that root chord, or by learning those chords directly.

Learn the C Major Chords

C Major Chords C major – C major is the only chord with two notes. These two notes are the ‘A’ and ‘A’ and the ‘G’ and ‘C’ chords.

So, a song that uses that major chord is… Let’s learn the song below. You can skip the guitar part, and the lyrics, to get started.

When I say that it is called “C Major,” you might think I am just using it like a nickname to refer to this chord. But, this is not true. The name C Major comes from the fact that it is used to represent the A major of the D major scale.

When you hear this chord, what you see is an ‘A#’ and then a ‘B#’. Notice the similarity to a #9.

The major scale uses only two notes. All the other notes are in addition with other notes.

The major scale (A, B, C, D, E, F#, G#, A#, Bb, C#, etc) is used at the top of every song. Every song that uses a major chord or root chord.

If you want to know how to know which notes are in the scale, you will need to know about the interval, the Major, Minor, or Dominant, in that case.

The Minor Scale

What does the ‘M’ and ‘N’ in ‘Minor’ mean?

This is called the Interval. And the intervals used during the Minor Scale are the (D, E, F#, G#) intervals, which are just the Major, Major, and minor scale intervals.

Learn the Minor Scale

There is an interval called the Pentatonic Scale. See my “The Pentatonic Scale” lesson for this interval.

Major Scale

Major Scale Notes A is the root of A minor. Bb, C,

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