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The most popular guitar sold in the UK is the Gibson Les Paul

The most popular guitar sold in Spain is the Gibson ES-335

In Europe, a Gibson Les Paul remains the most popular guitar.

The most popular guitar in Africa is the Fender Stratocaster

This guitar has been in more than three million homes in Ireland and Canada

So what makes a great guitar?

It’s the way you use it.

There are two main ways to use a guitar, and the more you use it, the better your chances are, but it is very very hard to find any single, best-priced guitar that makes both of those things.
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Some people use an expensive electric because they like the sonic characteristics – this is a more sophisticated playing style with higher performance and is not as practical as a lower-end electric.

I’ve owned several models of Gibson’s electric guitar, and the ES-335 is the one that I would use at the best of times – because it is the most simple and straightforward to play. It’s easy to play when you’ve got an instrument that can do it all in one – and because it is so easy, it’s also the most affordable.

So let’s say you’re a guitar player. Are there any good-priced guitars that you would like to try, and which would help get you into better performance, without being too expensive?

The Gibson ES-335 is my new favourite electric guitar.

It’s simple, it’s easy to play and it’s very versatile.

I would recommend this to guitarists who want to add another element of style to what they already have – but also players who want to start playing new stuff that will challenge themselves.

Why does the Gibson ES-335 have so many great reviews from guitarists and guitar enthusiasts?

It is one of the few guitars sold that is easy to play, and plays well at a low price – I’ve played it, and the reviews are unanimous.

Some people like the low price point – and the fact that it has just six strings and is built like a tank.

Other people like the design because it is easy to use. If it doesn’t have the string tension to make it easy, you cannot hold it, use the tuner or play any other instrument without putting your hands on one end.

I’d recommend this to guitarists who want better performance but would like lower

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