What is the best song to play on guitar? – Best Way To Learn Guitar Chord Changes In Songs Musical Phrases

There is none.

What are your thoughts on metal metal guitars?

They’re weird. Most are really ugly. They’re not worth playing.

How have you become the guitar legend you are today?

I’ve been playing the blues since I was 15 years old. I was always a big fan of Jimi Hendrix. A lot of people think that playing the blues is all about blues music. My approach was to explore every genre. But I always loved classic rock. My father had a record player he was working on that did a lot of different rock numbers, and I loved that. So I took that approach, and I would take all the songs that I liked and I would play them in my guitar because the guitar’s supposed to be my instrument. For some reason when I was 12 or 13, I just thought that if I kept my eyes on the guitar and not my eyes off the beat, then it would be easier. [Laughs] And the beats worked so good for me that I was never ever interested in any other rock. I thought all rock was bullshit anyway. Then I started hearing black metal, and I just started loving it. After a couple of records, I played with this other band that was in London, and it just made me love it more and more. And at that point — at that point when I heard black metal was good — I was like, “Maybe I should learn some guitar for this stuff.”

What about the more abstract metal music?

There’s a lot of stuff I love on classical and stuff like that, but it’s not my main focus — it’s kind of cool to see how many genres there are. There are so many styles that come out at a given time that I have a hard time telling what is good and what is bad. I’m just fascinated by the amount of styles.

Are you planning any new solo albums?

No. I know there are new songs on there, but it’s not coming out.

Are you working on any gigs or shows?

I have a handful of gigs right now; I got out of rehearsals recently on a week-long tour. I haven’t played in awhile. I am working on playing and touring.

Have you been on television or recorded anything?

I just made a movie called “Sick,” on which I played guitar. I have some new demos with my band.

What do you most regret

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