What is the best age to learn guitar? – Guitar Chords For Beginners Easy

Well, I can do the most things at any age. I learned when I was about 7. As soon as you put my music on the piano you didn’t want play it fast. It’s so simple but you can get very good at it in just a matter of a few minutes, and you can play the melody so perfectly and quickly.

How and when did you first practice guitar, and when?

In those days, my father taught me guitar for about six months, he taught me the piano for the same time period. I only began playing guitar after I stopped learning guitar.

Can you play a song in three minutes?

Yes. Actually I can play songs just as fast or faster than others. I am not really good with songs but I know how to play them! I know what the melody should be, which of the guitar parts should be used. I do my best at singing.

Do you have a family?

I do and I love them but it’s hard for them. Because of my disability I had a difficult childhood. There was this kid I loved who lived close to my home and I used to bring him in for dinner because I knew he would get fed. My father was very strict but sometimes he was a good man. I used to sing to him and he was a great joy and I loved him a lot. He died only two days after I learned to play guitar. I miss him very much.

What is your guitar best?

The guitar is my favourite instrument because it has the most amazing sound. It has a real soul. And it sounds beautiful. I am really proud to play a Strat but you can’t buy it so you can’t compare it with my guitar, even though they have a little bit different sound. My sister plays viola and I play guitar.

Is there any particular moment in your life when you noticed that you enjoyed playing guitar?

When I was nine and my family had a little house for me to live in. And I wanted to learn how to play guitar, so they bought me one of the Strats that my father had. But there was no time to learn because I had to go to school and my dad took me to practice. I loved the guitar and it took me so many years to develop the strength. Now I love it in the morning and listen to it in the evening when I sleep.

What happened in 1995 which made you decide to come

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