What is a good price for a beginner guitar? – Learning To Play Guitar For Kids

Most beginner guitars today cost more than 10% over their $5000-worth starting price. Of the few you can afford that are not over $6200, most are under $5000. Here’s the thing: the number of good guitars to buy is usually limited by the number of people who want to buy them. In fact, in general, guitars under a reasonable price are a good buy because they tend to last a lot longer. So if a person comes with $6200 left after sales tax, what do he do then?

There are the two major questions, the second one being where to find that money. The first one is where to find the money to get the guitar done. The second question is what to do with it. The key to making the first question irrelevant is to find a place where you already have a good amount of money. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can go buy a house before you buy a guitar. You already have a home in place, you just have to buy a guitar. If you’re just a typical person, it is very hard to get enough money to buy a guitar in the first place. The best place is usually a garage sale – for example, a yard sale or a car auction. After looking around for a few months, you’ll start seeing guitars that are “better” than what you have. As you spend time in your garage, you’ll realize how easy it is, and how much money you can save by getting involved.

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Don’t feel embarrassed after finding a new guitar; after all, buying a car and going to Vegas are much riskier. Just keep doing it.

Why doesn’t everyone buy guitars?

Most people come to Guitar Center or some other rock shop and don’t know what they are getting into. They think that a guitar from a big brand is the kind of instrument you go to a place for – something that you would pay a lot of money to play in a nice setting.

In the past, they would have gotten a cheap acoustic instrument that doesn’t sound much better than your car. The idea of owning a good acoustic-based guitar was very enticing back then. Back then, they’d buy big guitars at rock shops. Guitarists had to know how big these expensive new guitars were, in case you wanted to buy one. Back then, they’d play in some nice rooms, because they were afraid that the guitar in the store would be too big for the walls.

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