What is a fair price for guitar lessons? – How To Learn How To Play The Guitar Youtube Lessons

While this is a great question, we believe that the most important part of the value of a guitar lesson is that you do NOT get a guitar in return for your lesson. It does not have to be a real one that you could afford. The lesson can easily cost you 50 bucks for the day of the lesson.

The most important part for our lesson price is that you come back to practice everyday. It could be that you get frustrated a bit at some of your mistakes or can not do something for the lesson. After doing this the rest of the lesson period will come easier to you, which will save you the price of the guitar!

Do we have a discount when you buy more than one guitar?

No, we do not have a discount for a purchase of more than one guitar.

What other products or services can help to make the learning experience more fun for you?

We have an amazing coaching program with a great staff to help. We do practice schedules once a week, weekly, and even biweekly.

We also take care of all of the logistics so you can get to class on time.

What are our credit options?

I have only been using a couple of credit cards, but if you do not know your options for credit cards, check out Shop.com for more.

Do you have a great product or service?

You can expect great service from our staff. We take pride in what we do and we’re here to help you get your guitar playing back to where it deserves to be. We are one of many local guitar store and teachers who take pride in their work. We are not only certified teachers but we are also certified by the National Guitar Teachers Organization to teach guitar online on your computer!

Is there anyone at your shop who is NOT certified by the Guitar Teachers Organization?

Yes! Our staff is not only certified teachers but they are also certified members of the Guitar Teachers Organization’s Online Teacher Certification Program! Learn more about our program here

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