What guitar chords are used the most? – How To Learn Guitar Scales Easily

The most commonly used guitar chords is the blues progression. The best example is the blues progression from “Latchkey Blind” by David Crosby. The blues progression has a couple of different progressions. One of them is in 5/4 time. And these are the 5 different progressions that are in 4 string guitar.

“Latchkey Blind” – 4-Bar Blues progression

“I’m Falling in Love With You” – 4-Bar Blues progression

“Gotta Get You Into My Life” – 4-Bar Blues progression

“You Can’t Stop the Beat”, “I Want You” — 4-Bar Blues progression

“Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, “Drown” — 4-Bar Blues progression

“Can’t Keep You” – 4-Bar Blues progression

“Gonna Make You Sweat” – 4-Bar Blues progression

“All I Do Is Lie”, “I Get Around” — 4-Bar Blues progression

“Can’t Stop the Beat” – 4-Bar Blues progression

In my opinion the blues progression is the most versatile guitar chord progression. There are 2 different 4-bar blues progression in 5/4 time. But the second one is also 3-step (3-bar) (3-bar blues progression). But that’s the second verse. And the third verse we move into the 8-bar blues progression (8-bar blues). But the 8-bar blues progression is a major scale (maj7). The whole progression is in four movements. You can move into other harmonic progressions. For example you can play the 4-bar blues progression in 6-7-5 time. And then you can build up a 6-7-5 minor scale that you can then apply to any number of different chords in 4/4 time.

The other guitar types include arpeggio, blues, triad, power chord, etc.

Why do chords have a different sound than other chords?

Chords are an instrument, but don’t really have a sound. You will notice that the chords have different sound when you play them. If you listen to one chord, you can easily see that the sound is different.

It doesn’t make any sonic sense for a C to sound like a G when you play it in 5/4 time.

For example the bass guitar players often use the same chord to develop two different sounds.

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