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For an intro course on how to play guitar without an instrument, $15.50 or a full class for $50.

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I first played World of Final Fantasy when I was 10 years old, then I stopped after I got my hands on the PSP release. For some reason, I don’t find myself replaying it any more. That just leaves me wondering why it didn’t make it to the Wii, as I really like the way it was designed.

World of Final Fantasy is a side scrolling platformer that focuses more on exploration and dungeon exploring than the usual fare of platformers or shoot ’em ups. This is a fantastic title, if you want to take a chance on a side scrolling game. I enjoyed the graphics and the music. It’s a shame that the story and gameplay is not exactly what you’d expect. So if World of Final Fantasy is good, it’s also good because that’s all it is, good.

The game is based on Yoshitaka Amano’s famous “World of Final Fantasy” anime from 1993. The art and visuals were all done in Unreal Engine 3. There are 16 unique worlds with some hidden secrets to be found inside other environments.

You have to take one of four heroes on a journey to find seven crystal balls you can place inside a world to increase your strength and ability. Once a day you’ll be asked to place one of the orbs inside the world you come from. If you place a crystal orb inside a world you’ll receive a powerful weapon.

You only get one life per level with these crystals. If you lose a character, you have to start over with a new one.

This game has the typical RPG structure, character progression and party abilities. In my experience, it isn’t that hard to pick up, the game will get you used to the fighting system eventually. However, it’s very challenging when you’re a beginner.
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There’s an online component that is a little buggy at the moment, it crashes and disconnects at random. I’m not sure if the PC version is the same thing, the game crashes once in a while. If you’re having trouble with the game, be sure to try resetting, restarting your browser and/or restarting your Xbox 360.

I have heard that World of Final Fantasy has been ported to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 as a downloadable version.


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