What chords should I learn first on guitar? – Guitar Tips For Beginners

1. The 3 chord (root, 2nd, 3rd), the 2nd and 3rd are just for the body.

2. Make any other chord the 3rd.


2. G blues.

3. Take G as the 3rd and go into 3rds.

4. Take G as the 1st and go into D’s to be in A’s.

5. Take G at the end and go into B’s to be in F’s.


4. G blues.

5. Take G and 4B as the 1st and make it the 3rd.

6. Take G at the end and go to C in D’s to be in E’s.


7. G blues.

8. Take G just before the 3rd, go into C’s in D’s to be in B’s.

9. Take G at the end and go into F in F’s to be in A’s.

1st Verse


I was so hungry to make a lot of money, I’d buy my own food for no reason.

My mind wasn’t focused on a certain thing.

Guitar Tricks Review: The King of Online Lessons? (2019 Update)
I was trying to make a lot of money when my brother died

He didn’t have his own place, he lived on the streets.

He was always alone…I was scared to death to see my brother…

I thought he was gone and when I found out he was still alive,

I became obsessed with money.

I got mad that I had to deal with this shit alone.

I’m thinking, why not join some gangs?

Then I heard a rap song like, you gotta be a gangster if YOU wanna make lots and lots of money.

And my mind was like, no, it doesn’t make much sense because I’m tired of wasting my life doing this.

You know, I’m already too old; I’m old now.

My family’s living with me, I don’t wanna go back to that life.

We’re in trouble!

No, I wanna make lots of money.

Why would I wanna do that if all I want to do is get high and drink?

Why wouldn’t I wanna live this life and go through life to get money and stay rich?

But it just

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