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It’s not so easy to figure out the basic guitar chords until you start playing them. The most fundamental guitar chord sounds, I think, would be Fmaj7 – I don’t know which guitar chord it is, but they’re pretty well universal chords that every music-lovers should at least know. These are pretty straightforward and they always play well with most styles of music – jazz, rock, traditional… But, for whatever you do, and what ever you want to do, the basic guitar chords are here to stay.

There you have it – how to learn the basic guitar chords. I hope you have found the list helpful and helpful for you, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced guitarist, or if you’re something else entirely. Now, take a listen and see if you can think of any other guitar chords you feel are the same. I guarantee you’ll hear them – they’re not just the chords that we use to build songs. If you like them, please comment below for me to post them in a separate blog entry.

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