What are the basic guitar chords? – Learn Guitar Tablature Pdf

In this lesson, you will learn the 5 basic guitar chords. These chords represent the basic musical concepts: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

To learn these chords, it is necessary to memorize them one by one, without missing a single fret. This can be a problem as the chord progressions are very complex and time consuming for the beginner.

Before you start, make sure you have the following essential knowledge needed:

Understanding of the fundamental guitar chord shapes

How to read a scale

How to read a root note

The key of reading guitar chords

Basic notation concepts

Before we start learning the guitar chords, you should start with the basic chord shapes.

So, these chords represent the basic concept of music:

It is called a fundamental when a chord is part of the basic musical chords. (A major, for instance, is part of the key of C.)

Most of the times, you will hear words such as dominant, dominant 7, dominant 8, dominant 7, dominant 6 or dominant 5. These are basic words that you will have to relearn in your studies.

The 5 basic guitar chords in the major key are:






The following chords are from the minor key:




As you can see from the example, these basic guitar chords in the major key are used to play scales without repeating them. I do not want to repeat all the above mentioned notes too often just as it is too overwhelming for my ears.

Once you have all those chord shapes down, it is a good time to start learning the guitar scale, which is a more complex concept than the basic 5 chords.

To learn scale, you must have solid knowledge of how to play notes on the guitar.

Once you know the 5 basic guitar chords, it is time to create the perfect minor key song that features the guitar scale.

Learn basic guitar scale

The way to create a perfect minor key song without repeating the guitar scales is to get a scale that are unique and memorable.

It is not difficult at all to create a perfect minor key song with the guitar scales of 4 – 9 intervals.

So, we have created the 5 basic guitar

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