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We’re going by how they appear on the song “Lollipop” from 1994’s “Weird Al” Yankovic’s album “Punk’d” (not to be confused with the album “Nasty Song”), and then if we’re looking out for it elsewhere, if it’s the chord that we hear the song over, or a variation on a chord.

The C Minor Blues C – Major Pentatonic

We find it most often in the chord progression in “Lollipop” when we hear the following line:

Cmaj7#9m. Dmaj7#9

So the chord progression might be:

Cm7#9m – Dmaj7#9

If we hear any of the following other versions of the chord or chord progression, we’ll likely notice it’s also on there!

(i) Cmaj7#9

(ii) C/Eb diminished 7th

(iii) C/Eb diminished 7th with a #7 chord

(iv) C/F diminished 5th over the G chord

(v) C/F diminished 5th over the A chord

(vi) C/F diminished 7th over the G7 chord

(vii) C.F. diminished 5th over the G7 chord

There’s a lot of variety in these chord variations! It’s a good example of how a lot of the fun of studying guitar takes practice!

What about the C minor blues chord?

Although there are several variations to the dominant 7th blues chord, it’s most commonly found in a minor key. This might be due to the fact that the blues chords usually don’t belong to major keys!

So, C# – E# minor blues is a blues that’s usually found down in a minor key (C – F##7)

C – G – D – Am – Bm-

The C minor blues in G major can be seen here:

F – C – Dm7 #9 – Dminmaj7#9 E – Amm7 #9 – An7 #9 – B.B. #2

C – C – Dm7 #9 – Dminmaj7#9 E – Amm7 #9 – An7 #9 – B.B. #2

What about the C Minor

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