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Not yet, but it doesn’t have to be. Even young kids can practice the guitar (except when it’s loud, like at school) and have fun doing it. It really doesn’t matter what the age, because kids love playing and have enough time to practice and learn. If you’re an intermediate level pro, you may even want to learn music theory.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ramin Djawadi, the creative genius behind acclaimed PC MMORPG EverQuest Next. We had the pleasure to sit down with Ramin to talk about his experience creating EverQuest Next and much more.

We’ll have more Ramin interviews coming soon so stay tuned!

Q: What made you decide to create EverQuest Next?

Ramin: EverQuest has been in development for over a decade and many of its features were born from fan responses to other games that have released in the past. The same is true of EverQuest Next. Fans wanted an MMORPG that was more robust than EverQuest Online to take on this same genre of role-playing games. Since 2009, players have been writing to each other and sending the game ideas to the game’s team – ever since a fan from South Korea decided to send the EverQuest team a message over the Internet.

To me, a game like EverQuest is a natural progression of what I do best–interaction design. Since 2005 to now, all the major features and content were created with fans’ feedback and suggestions first, then implemented by the design team. These are ideas that were either passed onto the development team by fans, or brought by me and the development team as a whole.

Q: Do you get a chance to play every class every time?

Ramin: I really do get a chance to play every class from time to time. Every class has its own unique set of powers, abilities, and playstyles. For example, I recently finished a new class called the Summoner.

The Summoner uses both of her melee and magic abilities to deal damage quickly and inflict large damage with the power of her soul. She brings a ton of unique features and abilities to EverQuest Next for her class. As I played with her, she showed that she wasn’t just a melee, magic, and tank. She could be a damage dealer, healer, and in this particular case—a tank.

A lot of my time in EverQuest Next has been spent experimenting with different builds to see which build fits best

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