Is 26 too old to learn guitar? – Learn Guitar Faster Way

No, it’s only 21. And we know that young kids have it easier with only two hands to play guitar and play faster.

How do I get a part in my band? Can’t people just buy parts without my permission?

In some cases, YES. In others, NO. You’ll need their permission to play on stage in some circumstances – or you can record yourself playing. This will definitely be more complicated if you’re looking to tour.

Will I have a chance to play on stage at all if I want to?

Yes! We’re currently working on recording some of your songs as part of our live-action series, The Big Book of Guitar Music. More updates here.

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Will the video be on YouTube (or something else)?

The videos will be on Bandcamp:

Will I be able to see every show that I will be on?

No – we can’t make video or have video on stage at every show. If you can’t make the show at home, the band would be glad to show you around. But if you want to play, well, then play.

What are the limits on how long I can go on tour with The Big Book of Guitar Music?

That’s one of our current goals.

What is a gig?

The gig is a combination of three parts, the last of which is the most exciting part. This is the gig where you finally get to play as many songs as you can. It’s also a good time to hear you as if you were a regular touring musician: with a crowd and everything!

Why is my money refunded?

While we believe there are good reasons why you may be unsure about investing in your own guitar, we have been very, very careful to ensure your rewards are as good as possible. That is why we offer you refunds for all donations that exceed the $30 value – no exceptions.

That said, we want you to have the best possible experience we can – so we refunded all donations above and beyond whatever value was refunded at the time the project ended. We sincerely hope that is a fair decision, and if you have questions as to why we refunded what you backed up, please contact us at

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