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There’s a great interview I did in early 2013 that explains how this happens. There are some great, young bands out there that could learn a thing or two from The Velvets, so don’t be afraid to let them know how you feel!

“Grateful Dead” – “The Other One” (Tape #3)

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When: October 23, 1978 from Richmond, NJ

What a brilliant song! It’s so awesome to watch it played live:

– The Dead have made it sound much bigger than it actually was. They never cut the drums or the bass or the drums with a microphone, they just play. But the audience always seem to be blown away by all that sounds. I think that was the intent on the recording, maybe it wasn’t done in that way at all. The drums are really on the forefront. Listen here:

The first thing you notice is the sound, like they recorded it with only the drums that you just saw. The second thing you notice is the playing on the guitar – the whole guitar solo was really great, the sound was much more crisp and crisp, it was much more lively and full than the first album. The guitar solo was really powerful, and then there are the other two choruses, with the vocals in the main verse.

There’s a lot of energy in this song, but they really put the band on the back foot in the recording by saying, “This is the jam”. It would probably be one of the more interesting jams for the audience. Listen:

– “The Other One” will never be the “best” Grateful Dead song, but it will always be my all time favorite.

“Touch Of Grey” – “Playing In The Band” (Tape #4)

When: October 17, 1974 from Santa Barbara, CA

What a brilliant guitar solo, full of emotions, with a killer keyboard line!

– Listen here:

“Touch Of Grey” was probably my first favorite of the Dead. It’s got this killer, intense, energy from start to finish. It definitely is unique, and quite a special song just like all the others, but for me it was not

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