How old is the guitar?

The guitar is 12 years old. We wanted to have a guitar that had a lot of life left in it, so we wanted it to be comfortable to hold and play.

How long have you been working on the guitar?

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 5 and I’ve been in bands since about the mid 90s.

What has the reaction been from fans?

Well… a lot of people love it

I’ve seen a lot of different views. People who are in the middle know it’s cool to own a guitar but some people see it as a hobby or something of a past time.

Some people are excited about the technology behind it – even though some technology can make it more difficult to play. Others see it as another gimmick for the fans to get excited about and be like “this is cool, I want one of these”.

I think the fans that love it see it as the best option out there. This is the guitar I’ve been dreaming about for 12 years and today, it’s here.

How is the guitar made?

We use high quality woods made by local artists to build the guitar.

It’s made from mahogany and Maple. The mahogany takes up a majority of the wood and the maple gives it weight and stability.

Do you use any special equipment for the guitars?

We do a lot of different things to the guitars, such as a special body design, a hand formed neck design, a hand pressed fretboard insert, and a hand pressed nut.

Do you use a neck and neck joint?

We use a neck joint that has hand made curves for the neck and allows for two separate heads at the same time. This allows for a more solid and balanced sound.

Why did you choose to use hand made curves instead of just using one piece? What did you want to achieve?

In order to achieve an even smoother finish, like in a guitar, we were going to have to spend a lot of time taking individual bends and making the entire piece.

Hand made curves were more fun because we could do that over and over.

We wanted to use the time we spent on the neck to try and create more tension and a very smooth finish.

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