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“It’s an antique from the ’30s,” said Mr. McWhorter, a veteran of the guitar trade, and his hands ached just to grasp this thing. “Some say that it was made by Robert E. Lee in the Confederacy.”

At first glance, Mr. McWhorter didn’t seem to think much of the guitar or where it comes from. “It seems pretty old,” he said. He tried to put it back together in his shop. As he worked the keys came loose, and his fingers started to bleed and prick to the touch.
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“I thought maybe I should go and buy a new one or something.”

He did, and there it was. It was a very old Les Paul made by the Gibson factory. He paid $20,000.

And this is where the history gets kind of silly: Because Mr. McWhorter is a retired teacher, he gets a $25,000 pension. His work with the guitar makes him eligible for Social Security payments, though he’d prefer to not collect the money at all, or at least to save some of it.

Mr. McWhorter says he was able to get the guitar back. He says he’s been trying since 1997 to make a new version. In the meantime, he has had to buy a brand new Les Paul by another manufacturer with a new case.

“It takes away my freedom of choice,” he said.

And it is also a shame because he loved the first Les Paul. “When I got it back, I used my favorite neck on it,” he said. “It will never be the same.”

The same could be said of the guitar. It’s got age on it, but I found it a lot better than it used to be. In fact, I think it’s a lot better than I used to own one. It sounds great.

At first I felt that the guitar wasn’t getting as much play as it used to but I found out that the sound wasn’t that great after all. The guitar is actually pretty loud and raucous, especially when played fast. I love when I play it.

“Oh yes,” I said.

There is one thing that you may need to adjust to with this guitar, in fact a lot in this guitar, and that is its saddle strap. It’s a little short, so make sure that you get a good one that’s at the right

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