How much should I pay for guitar lessons? – Simple Guitar Chord Book

It’s kind of like getting a job at McDonald’s or McDonald’s’s. You’ve got to do it — it’s just going to keep coming and coming!”

— Scott W., Springfield Hills, Ill. “I pay about $50 on a basic guitar lesson. If you want a professional, you should pay about $200. So you’re looking at a $300 or $400 bill. After the lesson, you’ll get a bill like 40 bucks after shipping.”

— Steve, Phoenix, Ariz.”It depends on the area. Some people take lessons at Guitar-Town, and other people don’t. But the best teachers cost a lot more than a cheap one.”

— Paul, Phoenix.”When choosing a guitar teacher, here are the pros: You get a professional trained in all the most important skills needed for you to play the guitar.

You have access to a studio, where you will work with a musician to create, and you have to learn the guitar by heart if you want to really master it.”
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— Rob G., San Diego.”If there is anything I can add the fact I am going to go to their school, to learn and develop my skills, I think it’s a must for anyone looking to become a musician.”

— John, San Diego. “The best lesson I’ve ever received has been free. I played the guitar for a friend who was playing, but could not hit notes. He gave me a guitar, a Fender Stratocaster, and a few of my own songs. After I met him and I worked with him for a month (after which I paid him) I was able to develop my skills to the point where I could sing. It was worth the money and time I was spending on it.”

— Peter, Denver”My friend who is a guitar teacher in the area recommended Rock Music Academy. It was $70 a month, they teach a lot about the guitar and I think it is a good price. I’ve been in the studio before, and I have to admit they are a great tool for teaching your skill.”

— Robert, Denver.

“I’ve heard great things about the Blues City Guitar Academy. I didn’t like their pricing, but I think it gives you a good chance of success. We went in today and my session was for $50. They were very kind to us and played to song. I think they’re a good place to start.”

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