How much should I pay for guitar lessons? – Learn Guitar For Beginners Playlist

I’m not sure, because I have no clue. I’ve always wanted to open a guitar shop but no one to help you out. Also, there’s a good chance you could end up ripping off someone.

Does this mean I can use a guitar as an ATM? I can, pretty much. But I have no idea where any money comes from to do it, other than an allowance paid by the government so that musicians don’t have “toxic debt.”

Shouldn’t I pay for the shop’s supplies? It’s pretty much a self-sufficient operation. If I don’t like a guitar, I just sell it off and give the proceeds to the shop’s owners.

I’m a musician. Shouldn’t I learn how to play with a sheet of paper? Sure! Even if nobody else wants to hear it.

Can’t I just buy some music instead? Of course you can. But I’m thinking you still have to pay the monthly fee for the services.

What do I do if the shop won’t rent to me? The people at the shop love to take musicians under their wing, but if you take a day off the shop to fix up some broken stuff or even just to clean out the garage, you might get a little sympathy from them.
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What if the shop has a bad reputation? In a good city, the folks who run a garage show would be surprised by how much people complain about the shop. If your city doesn’t have a reputation problem, you probably aren’t going to be as successful as you think.

Can I ask to borrow the keys from the owner? If not, that’s okay; it would just be a nice gesture.

Can I get the keys for free? No. The keys are paid for.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption A convoy of Ukrainian government troops was surrounded by rebels last month, and were recaptured by Kyiv troops

More than 20,000 members of Ukraine’s armed forces have been killed since the start of the crisis in April, the UN says.

The figures published on Tuesday represent a 60% rise on the previous month and show the Ukrainian army is facing heavy losses.

The Russian government has denied accusations that it is orchestrating the conflict.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the deaths, blaming a lack of information as a factor.

“There have been two months of sustained pressure on the armed groups in eastern Ukraine,” he said

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