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A common question we get in music sales is “how much is a guitar worth?”. However, the answer to that question is never in the amount of money it would cost to assemble it. A guitar will always be different and more intricate than any of the basic models of guitars made by a company.

Because of the rarity of these instruments and the amount of engineering that goes into their production, the price will often vary with the time it would take to assemble it. The price listed above is based on one example, but the most important question to ask will be the actual cost or cost of repairs that have to be done to the guitar. We have found that the retail price of repairing guitar strings on our instruments may be between $500 and $850.

When doing a guitar repair, you may actually be able to get the value of a repaired guitar back to a higher amount for the time, resources and effort it took you and the guitars that you’ve repaired.

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What to See & Do at the 2017 GDC

From the best in new software development to immersive VR, GDC 2017 gave every attendee the chance to see and do the technology on show. You can’t get closer to the technology to experience all of it. GDC doesn’t just happen in Los Angeles. It happens in the San Francisco Bay Area, too.

The last thing you expect to discover in a small town of the middle of the nowhere is you’ve got a serial killer on the loose and your local sheriff is chasing him all over the town.

Not to mention a series of cryptic messages that seem to point to the existence of the serial killer in your hometown.

When I moved to Oregon a couple of years ago and had a friend over for dinner, he mentioned that this might be one of the strangest towns he had ever been in. I knew that I was in a country I found quite different than my home country, and I didn’t know if that was a good thing…

This is an adventure game about the discovery of the killer and the aftermath that followed. You play the role of a detective in a small town. At some point you come into contact with the serial killer, and while your initial attempts to catch him turn out to be futile, this brings you into contact with the town’s resident detective, who is currently involved in the investigation of the serial killer’s death.

That detective may seem like an odd choice.

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