How much does a guitar cost? – How To Learn Guitar For Beginners

Most guitars are made in China and the final price goes way up between the manufacturer. There is more variety with guitars that are made in Thailand. There has been a big decrease in guitar models that are sold from China and sold in the US. The Chinese companies sell a lot of plastic guitars and sometimes a lot of guitars that are made in Thailand. They also sell a lot of guitars from Asia, especially South Korea. These are very expensive models of guitars for a while.

You can buy any guitar at Guitar Centre, Guitar Shops, The Guitar Trade or any local guitar store. I would say that a Japanese guitar might cost 20 to 25k. If you do not get an awesome deal there, you will always find a bargain. Even if you get an amazing deal there, you are likely to pay more then that.

Which guitars were made in Thailand?

Many Thai factories are still around and some guitars have been made in Laos. Some have been made in Vietnam.

Which are the popular guitars?

There are a lot of guitars made in Thailand that you can buy. The majority of them are very inexpensive and very limited in number. They can be found in your neighborhood guitar store, and in online guitar stores.

What kind of price range do you expect the cheapest to be?

I expect a guitar to be very inexpensive at about $100. That’s usually about the minimum you can expect to pay for a guitar unless you are going to buy a lot of them. I think a $100 guitar is an average cheap guitar.

How much are they priced?

For a guitar made in Thailand, you get something like this:

How much is a Gibson SG worth?

Gibson SGs are the cheapest guitars. They are usually sold at Guitar Village or Guitar Shops. They are very similar.

Is it necessary to look at the pictures of the guitars here?

This was not meant to be a comprehensive guide. It is meant to give you a general idea of what you can find in a guitar store. If you do decide to buy a guitar from a factory, I would check with the factory for the exact specs of the guitar and the manufacturer. There are usually a variety of different companies that make guitars.

More info on guitars in Thailand and prices from the guitar store

Do other countries have similar guitars?

I’m interested in how the other countries have changed. Thailand and Korea are

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