How many hours a day should you practice guitar? – Learn Guitar Fast For Beginners

This is another controversial question.

Most people think it is about an hour a day. Even though I do the exact same thing on a normal day it does feel like so little. I’ll have a five-minute session where I do five or six of five different songs with the five or six that I’m most comfortable with. And then I’ll go home, do it another five-minute session, and then I’ll go back to it. And so on, until I get to 60 minutes of practice time a day. I would be lying if I say I only do two songs a day‚Ķ

So how much should you practice a day? I used to tell people to train the guitar, but I now think that’s a total waste of time and will turn people off to all things guitar-related.

The difference between the time I spend practicing and the time I put into the playing is that I feel better as the time goes on, without even needing to work harder than the other person. The more practicing you do, the better you’ll feel.

How many hours did you practice yesterday? I did eight pieces of music yesterday and then I did a whole new one today.

I have to admit, that last phrase is really vague, but it might be helpful if you’re looking for some advice, but also if you’re an amateur musician. This seems very specific, and most musicians would tell you that you should practice about seven or eight hours a day of at least some amount of focus. So how many hours do you practice a day?

If you think about it, you’re almost certainly going to have your work day too and you’re going to want to get your music practice done. So I would really consider it a waste of time to practice nothing but guitar because the more practice you do, the better you’ll be at it.

How do you avoid over practicing when you’re traveling?

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First, I try to avoid any guitar exercises that I have to do while traveling, if I can and it’s not too much. It’s difficult to keep up with the speed of traveling and be able to really focus on all of the changes and sounds.

I try to stay as focused as possible, but I am a guy who just likes the way my body works. If I can’t work hard anymore, I won’t do it anymore. So any time I spend working on a difficult part of the playing I try to move on to another part

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