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A guitar lesson generally consists of 45 minutes to a 2-hour time frame. The reason for that is that a guitarist will have to practice every day for months to get to it. The longer you work at it, the sooner you’ll start producing guitar solos you can play at your club, school, rehearsals, etc. Some instructors offer shorter lessons, often under an hour. You also have to consider the teacher. For instance, I was learning the guitar by myself on my own in my apartment for 10-hours a day. I needed a second guitar teacher. So I contacted two teachers to offer them my place as a home for the two of us to work at. They agreed to take it, but as I have to drive there and back twice a day I didn’t think this arrangement would be ideal.

It’s common, though, for coaches to offer their “home” for two nights. The main reason is because it provides “time” in order to do other things—school, work, etc. When I had my guitar lessons I only worked for about 60 hours a week for about six months. If you are trying to give guitar lessons of that length for years you’re bound to start to notice things that you never got a chance to see before.

For instance, this is what I realized at the beginning of my lessons in early 2004: The songs I was learning had developed a style that I didn’t quite know how to play, and I didn’t know which guitar parts would work in which songs. The guitar lessons didn’t give me time to do either of these things, so I ended up doing songs from The Doors that I never would have learned had I been doing guitar lessons. I also learned this through trial-and-error because the music I was playing was so different than the ones I was learning!

This is why some guitar teachers allow the student to work on other parts than the ones they teach. For instance, some guitar teachers do not allow the student to play a specific lick unless that lick is part of a specific progression.

Why pay $75/student per hour?

The reason you’ll often get good-quality instruction from a coach that works for less than $75 a shift is because if the teacher starts at $75 per shift they’ll have to increase production.

So if you can make that kind of investment then you can often get guitar lessons from experienced coaches. But that’s not always true. I recently sent out

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