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That depends on my mood.” He also joked that if you wanted to listen to the most boring album of the year, he would tell you which track was “too loud.” But he didn’t quite admit that he wasn’t a great teacher.

“I can’t remember,” he said, adding that he is usually too busy working on the next album to be around. “That’s why I say it’s boring.”

Gutted by his lack of work ethic, he decided to take a break from the Internet to focus his time toward becoming a better guitarist. “I got a good guitar to play some songs,” he added. “So I was trying to learn that guitar.”

As for the future, this was an opportunity that could possibly change his life. “That could potentially change me, or I could end up becoming a huge success but you’re not sure which one,” he said.

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The interview has since been released:

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1. If you want to build a “smart” city, you can either make billions and billions and trillions of dollars off of the things that already drive the world and become a super-powered economic machine in the process. Or you can actually make the world, and the people who live in it, better.

2. If, however, you want to live in a world where all the things you love to do are free—and in many cases free at or nearly free—you don’t need to be super-powers to live a good life, you should be building all those things and making people happy with them.

3. No one has ever made a smart city more fun than people who are building them—by encouraging people to enjoy themselves, taking the time to appreciate how they live, and sharing stories about those experiences with each other, and with others.
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4. There are hundreds of free online resources, too. The National Park Service is offering a free, comprehensive tour of the U.S. that allows you to visit all 50 states without having to visit park websites (or any other state parks website). And, you can still check out all your state’s historical sites at the National Historical Genealogy Society — a website that is now one of the most widely-used historical sites in the world.

5. And you all have plenty of places to get free stuff if you really want it. A city that wants

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