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A guitar lesson is a 30-minute session. However, a session can be longer. It’s all up to you. What we offer, for the beginner to intermediate guitarist, is a basic guitar lesson that will prepare you for your first lesson.

Here are the main differences between a guitar lesson and a professional guitar lesson:

• We provide a lesson at the beginning of every month. For experienced guitarists, this means a three-part course of lessons over a three-month period, so you spend less time on your lesson time.

• We use real music by musicians (as opposed to the music your teachers are playing, which might not be accurate).

• We offer individual and group lessons. You can choose which lessons to take and when.

• The songs are usually written by actual musicians. You can play along to the notes.

• You can take any question you need answered, or learn new songs.

• As you progress through the course, a pro-level lesson is added for additional practice and technique, if you so wish.

• If you choose a pro-level lesson, you’ll be expected to meet one or more professional standards. By taking a different lesson, you can pick to advance at your own pace with the skills you’ve developed so far.

If you still don’t know what to do or how to get started, ask our pro lessons team. They’ll help guide you.

We are proud to be a private company with an experienced team. If you’d like to learn more, email us at

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