How long is a guitar lesson? – Easiest Way To Learn Guitar Strumming Patterns Videos

A guitar lesson can vary in length and the length of your lesson will depend on the amount of lessons you wish to hold. Our guitar lessons are designed, developed and taught to suit your interests and level of playing ability. If for some reason you decide that your interests and skills are better suited to an intensive and longer lesson, we might be able to make available a few guitar lessons in your area. However, these are not all we can do as we do not have the capacity to provide a standardised lessons package for all.

Do I have to attend lessons if I have a lesson planning permission from my school or college, or am I only eligible if I live in a non-standard location?

We welcome students to visit for a number of reasons including to study with us, give a guitar lesson and show off their skills. If you wish to visit for a specific reason we advise you to write to us with your preferred dates and details within a short period of time to discuss your specific needs. Please do not arrive until your booking has been confirmed and payment processed. If you are interested in booking a guitar lesson please email us at

Does my student receive a discount for booking a lesson?

Students are always encouraged to book their lessons online to secure best prices. If your student bookings are successful we will offer a full refund to your credit card, please note that they do not receive a discount unless you have already booked a school or college lesson.

Where can I arrange a guitar lesson?

Students can book an individual or group class with our personal guitar tutor on the T Vacation website or call our professional guitar tutors on 0845 925 1790 (Monday-Friday from 10am to 8pm) who are available for any request you may have regarding a guitar lesson.

T Vacation Guitar Lessons

Why am I booking a guitar lesson?

Guitar Lessons are a great opportunity to make new friends, practise new techniques and build valuable guitar skills. They are also a great way to keep up to date with different styles, instruments or players. Whether you are looking to learn to play an acoustic guitar or learn how to play one of our popular beginner guitars we have a suitable course to fit your needs.

How do I choose the lessons I want?

We can offer guitars lessons to any level of player. Students can choose from a selection of short, intermediate, long and intensive

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